1963 220se Coupe W111 series

Specification:  1963 220se Coupe W111 series.

Details:           This highly collectable example is presented in classic Mercedes-Benz 050 white with a contrasting black leather interior, the condition of both can safely be described as excellent throughout. The reason being is that this example underwent a partial restoration in 2008 which included a complete strip down (interior out) to bare metal and a full repaint. All the seating was re-upholstered, not with modern leather but with the correct 1960’s hides with the seating then re-constructed with the correct Mercedes-Benz pleating. The wooden dash and windscreen cappings are all beautifully renovated. It also benefits from new rear seat belts and a new exhaust. The chrome work is also in stunning condition.

           Since we ourselves took the car into stock we have given the car a major renovation as the undercarriage did not reflect the top side condition. The entire drivetrain, complete rear axle, all suspension, fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pump assembly, brake lines and all removable fixtures and fittings were removed and fully refurbished. The undercarriage itself went through the same process as there had been some basic MOT repairs over the years which with the axle now removed could be repaired properly to a standard that there is no signs of any repair work ever having been carried out. This car was a joy to work on as it really was in very nice condition to start with.  The sills were in remarkably good condition and we have inserted  grommet holes where we have wax oiled the inside of the sills. The chassis legs have also been wax oiled internally. The rear axle and all other removable parts were sand blasted and repainted as they would have left the factory. The axle has also been re-installed with new bushes seals and boots. Sitting on brand new OEM Bilstein shocks all round and not to mention drag links, steering dampers, tie rods, front brake callipers, rear brake cylinders, all brake lines (metal and rubber) etc.etc. the list goes on and on. Too much to mention. . We have really given this undercarriage major attention to detail which is evident from the photo file of works carried out. Family owned for that last 15 years with a total of two registered owners and showing a mileage of 49036 miles, we cannot verify this but the overall condition of the undercarriage before we refurbished it and the performance of the engine would lead us to believe it genuine and not having gone round once. The W111 carries one of the most elegant profiles of all post-war Mercedes-Benz with an overall appearance, including the engine bay and now the undercarriage, of a car that has had much care and attention lavished upon it.


                  This is definitely a collectors choice of car. It drives beautifully and effortlessly with an extremely tight feel as it should with practically all new components  fitted to the drivetrain and suspension.

We would expect it to rank very highly in any Concourse Competition. Many more photos on request.